Busca Tus Sueños (Follow Your Dreams)


I remember when we went to see Up in the theater. I cried.

The first part is the sweetest love story. A promise of adventure, but life gets in the way. An empty nest–and finally a old man who is all alone after his wife has died.

I was so afraid that would be me. I have wanted to travel for as long as I can remember. I’ve gotten to visit most of the states, but other than Canada, nada. I bought my passport when I graduated college with a hope of travel while I was in Florida.

It didn’t happen. All I got from Florida was a good tan and a drinking problem (Darn you, sunshiny days on the beach).

So, I headed to Virginia. (I sure do love that place.) I thought my time had come! I mean, here I was next to major airports, and making more money than I had ever made! Unfortunately, with a good job comes a lot of work. I filled up my “free” summers with training sessions and classes on leadership. Last summer, I had surgery. I watched my family and friends travel to places I have wanted to go for years! And I began to harbor resentment for my empty, stamp-less passport.

It didn’t happen there either. I lost the drinking problem, but gained a lot of weight and a broken heart. (Darn you, stress and hard life lessons!)

But now, I’m in Mexico. I don’t have to feel like I’m living out my own version of Up. I can have adventure while I’m young and childless! Sigh. Oh, Mexico…

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