Why A Mexican Man Is A Good Accessary


Because when you get groceries, he carries ALL the bags. All you have to do is walk along and hold his hand.

Because he sings you songs on the way home–then translates them so you know how sweet he is.

Because when you arrive home with bags of groceries (that he carried), and you forgot your keys–he will climb through the neighbor’s upstairs window onto the roof. Then he will jump down to the back yard while you shout, “Don’t die!”

Because when you start to wash dishes he will say, “I can do that.” (Why, yes, you can, thank you.)

Because when you start fixing supper, he offers to help by cooking the chicken (which you hate cooking anyway).


Because, when you ask him to cut the tomatoes (which you also hate doing), he won’t only cut them–he will sharpen the knife on the concrete sidewalk outside (Why did you not know this was possible?)


Because no matter what you fix, he will eat it with gusto, and tell you how much he loves it!

Because he will let you prop your gross feet on him–and will nicely tell you they are like an Indian’s when you say you need a pedicure (obviously..)

Because, after supper, he will (again) do the dishes.

Because when you hesitantly take homemade barbecue sauce upstairs to the neighbor to say thank you, he will accompany you. He will then answer the questions asked in Spanish. He will tell the neighbor that the sauce is a delicious American sauce you prepared.

Because he will dance with you in the kitchen, and only laugh sweetly when you look a fool.

Because you will be completely at ease to talk about your family, faith, and life.

Why do you need a Mexican Man Accessory? Why not?

11 responses

  1. More importantly…When do I get to meet him? Harhar.

  2. And I agree. Everyone needs a Mexican Man Accessory. I always think of all my gorgeous gal pals who would be so much better off with a Mexican Accessory on their arm. Haha.

  3. Nate says every diva knows how to Mexessorize. 🙂 and yes, he’s still laughing at his own funny joke. Good to see your big happy smile nino. Love you.

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