My List

These days I find myself making this list in my head or to my friends–Things I want to bring back to Mexico from the United States
1). White Lily Flour

No exista en Mexico. Actually a far as I can tell, there are somewhere around two choices for flour. Self-rising isn’t one of them.

2). Peanut Butter

It is super expensive, and so-so. I want to check Sam’s Club first, but peanut butter is my guilty pleasure, and go-to for a quick snack!

3). Cocoa Powder

I need this if I will ever make cookies! I don’t understand why I can’t find it–especially because this area produces a lot of cocoa!

4). Texas Pete

This is for my friend. I do love some Texas Pete though–it has such a different flavor!

I realize so far, these are all food items… That is changing now!

5). Tampons

Because my choices I don’t like the one option I have…

6). Rainboots

Tiempo de Agua is coming! I’ve been warned by Mexicans AND non-Mexicans. Apparently, the rainy season is nothing to mess around with. Because I walk to work, the last thing i want is smelly blistered feet… I really, REALLY want to find some ladybug boots like the kind I bought in Minnesota. Yes, the same boots little kids wear…

7). Contacts/Solution

I am glad I had the experience, but now I would like some good contacts and solution…

8). Books

Childrens’ books are needed for my classroom! I don’t want a lot–mainly Skippyjon Jones and Clifford. Do you know that they have no idea who Skippyjon is? It is hard to believe, cause that guy LOVES Mexico.

9). Chow-Chow

And the recipe… I’m going to attempt to make it myself this year. I think my Mexican friends will love it! The eat something similar, but fresh. I am going to spice it up, and eat it with all my food. Yum!! Part of me feels like I should use my Great-Grandmother’s recipe. The other part reminds me that Mom and Mamaw have played with it some too… The good news? There is no way I can make it too hot! The bad news? Who is going to help me chop?

10). The Clothes I’ve Been Saving For When I Lose Weight

I’m not skinny (Thank you, delicious tamales and pan). I walk everywhere though–and I need clothes that fit! P.S. Fat and Happy is a real thing here…

11). Shoes

Good shoes! I walk everywhere. I brought all kinds of shoes, but they are worn out and falling apart. The cheaper they are, the quicker they fall apart. I am on the hunt for appropriate footwear when I come home.

12). Skin-So-Soft

I don’t want to use bug spray–it smells gross! I also don’t want my students to say, “Pica, pica, pica” and point to my bug bites. It also points me out as a tourist–because these mosquitos don’t seem to like Mexican blood. The garlic pills may work yet–I can’t tell a huge difference right now.

13). A computer!

I have to buy a computer when I’m at home. Turns out it is impossible to work stress-free here without it… My report cards were late, and the new people use it all the time. I think it will be nice to work in my room for a change…

14). My English Bible and Hymnbook

I miss reading my comfortable bible. You know, the one you always read that has scribbled notes and highlighted passages? I miss singing the hymns too–and with all this Spanish in my brain, I need the English to be easy to find/use.

15). Space in My Bags

For all the things I will decide I want when I see them…

After all, once you start saying “I’ll get that when I go to The United States,” it is never ending.

One response

  1. Oh boy do I TOTALLY understand this post!! Since it’s international travel for us we get two checked bags apiece and two carryon’s apiece. (same for you I would assume?) Soo… we pack ALL our clothes for our home trips in our carry on and bring four EMPTY checked bags with us so we can fill them up. It’s amazing how fast you meet your 50lb limit per bag!! Many of the items on your list are on ours too. 🙂

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