Animales de Chiapas


I came all the way to Mexico to see deer. True story. Today we went to the zoo, and what do we see? Deer. Birds. Turtles.

The first part of the zoo I was a bit apprehensive about. We went in a crocodile exhibit, only to find all these dead stuffed crocs. They had more dead animals posed than any place I’ve ever been… This was taken in this bird room. I love the way the painted the pillars and ceiling!


Actually, it was a nice zoo! I kinda think Knoxville’s zoo is still the best. I even like it better than the National Zoo in Wahington DC. This zoo definitely isn’t getting a lot of money–although it is VERY nice. There aren’t an abundance of the same animal though like zoos at home. They also have huge spaces for very few animals. The nature lover in me really appreciates that.

They also don’t allow you to feed your children to the crocodiles. The baby lover in me really appreciates that too…


The highlight of the trip for me were the spider monkeys. I didn’t take pictures, because I was afraid they wouldn’t do the little guys justice. Everyone told me before I came how natural it is there–and that is what I appreciated about the monkey habitat. There was a huge mango tree in the middle. Actually the entire zoo had these huge trees and vines all over the place.

There were beautiful birds and these weird rodents that wandered around too.


When we entered, we went to this tourism booth (very rare here), and scored with a very helpful lady. She even gave me a Chiapas Attractions map in English! (I can’t wait to see more of this state…)

Then we went to pay. Where are you from? the lady asked. Tennessee and Virginia, I reply. Apparently, the norm is that the tourists pay more to enter the zoo. The normal fee is twenty pesos, and she wanted to charge me sixty! Understandably, I was outraged. Porque?! I said (with Mexican drama), Vivo aqua! Soy maestra!. I then whipped out the Visa. We walked away, and my friend said, “That’s it. From now on, we’re from Tuxtla.”

All in all, it was a great day. Long, and mostly up hill walking. It made me feel better about that hotdog I ate with mayo and ham. Yum! As we left, we even saw a natural(ish) pool that costs 10 pesos to swim in. I can’t wait to head back there!!

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