Tengo Mucho Amor

I love that these Mexicans are so full of love! Yesterday was one of those days where I woke up and thought, “I sure do love my kids!” I went to school and was greeted by Pablo who always searches for me. He gives those early morning hugs full of hair gel.

During the morning meeting I had a little girl who was made fun of for choosing another girl. I stopped everyone to tell them my favorite thing about Mexico is mucho amor! I didn’t tell them this, but it isn’t abnormal to see grown women and teenage women holding hands.

Later in the day I went to Pre-school to teach a lesson. Afterwards the teacher put on music–before I knew it, one of the boys had a girl in his arms and was dancing her all around the room. She was a bit like me when it came to dancing (clueless), and needed some instruction (As well as strong hands pushing her around). It is like that when you dance with skilled people–they push you and shove you all over the dance floor.

I also had to tell people to treat me like a Mexican. The other day, a friend kissed everyone on the cheek goodbye except me. I said, “Hey! How come I don’t get kissed?” Basically the foreigners are so cold everyone hesitates to embrace them. I demand equal treatment… After all, soy mexicana!

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