My Mexico Diet


I have a problem. Seriously. It’s called My-Jeans-Don’t-Fit. Of course I am happy to be on my Mexico diet, but this really is a problem! I want to have a pair of jeans–they are perfect to bum around in. But the women here have these tiny bird legs. It doesn’t seem to matter how chubby their stomachs are (I’m blaming all the meat they eat for that…), their legs are small.

I, on the other hand, do not have bird legs. Or bird anything–despite the fact that my jeans don’t fit.

It’s pretty great actually. I mean, I walk all over the place. I am sure that is what has done it. I really enjoy it too (most of the time). There are occasionally days like today. I’ve been trying to get a migraine all day. Note to self (and Jenny): get some migraine meds when I come home… I have walked on the loud streets cursing the existence of trucks and buses. I glare into the sun, cursing the fact that I forgot my sun glasses, all the while creating more wrinkles.

Then there are walks like this morning, where I stop and look at the glorious sky. How can anyone doubt a God with something that beautiful? Or tonight, when I saw the moon shining so bright–even while it was still day. I love these kinds of walks.

I’m even getting pretty good at texting and walking. The sidewalks here are treacherous. They seem to be built in pieces-perhaps by whatever business is there. So, you have constant ups and downs. I step up on curbs and over rocks telling myself that it is good for my legs. It’s my version step aerobics.

I’ve also found my new favorite snack: mangos. The smell of them makes my mouth water! This is how I like to eat them though: with hot sauce, chili pepper, lime and salt. They serve them like that on the street. I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to ask the lady for half an order–as one whole order is too much. Today, I just decided to make my own. It seemed easier.

Oh, Mexico! (You have to analyze the different ways I say “Oh Mexico.” Sometimes it is in exasperation–other times in adoration.)

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