Paying Bills and House Hunting


So, I’m moving. Did I mention that? I love, love, love my place and the location–but for what I am paying, I could have my own place.

Because I’m incredibly happy here in Mexico, I’ve decided I should go ahead and change. The problem? I can’t call the numbers I see for rentals. I don’t have a car to drive around and look at rentals. And I am impulsive. (The last is a problem solely because I want to move so badly).

I’m standing in the longest line ever to pay my Internet bill. The biggest problem is that Mexico seems to be down on competition. As far as I know this is the only place you can get internet/cable. That means that the first-fifth of every month it takes forever to pay your bill. And you have to pay by the fifth or you get charged more.

What I should be doing: report cards. What I’m thinking of doing: getting a pedicure.
What I want to do: go home to relax.

Sigh. Oh, Mexico!

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