My First Party

I love having people over.

When I was in Washington D.C., I had these parties with weird groups of people. See, I have figured out one of my problems perks. I like lots of people. Or maybe I should say lots of different kinds of people. This was a problem at my old school, because I heard everyones’s complaints.

My favorite thing to do is put groups of people together that don’t usually belong. For example, in Alexandria when I would invite my teacher friends to hang out with my non-teacher friends. Or my older friends to hang out with my young friends. Or my church friends to hang out with my party friends.

Here, I decided to shake things up by inviting my Mexican friends to hang out with my non-Mexican friends. It went better than I expected. Although to be quite honest, the white people left before long, and the fun Mexicans stayed. I kept telling them that I was Mexicana. That is why I can keep going. That is why I am not tired. That is why I like your music. That is why my beans taste delicious, and you can’t stop eating them (or maybe it is because beans are a staple in my diet at home too).

In any case, it went well! I spent too much money preparing for the party. I have bags upon bags of tortilla chips left over. And I am writing a blog at two in the morning… Ah, well. It is Mexico.

Oh! The other thing is I am thinking of adopting a dog. I am getting ready to move to my own place, and a dog sounds wonderful. It just so happens that my co-worker’s boyfriend is a veterinarian, and has a couple dogs that he needs a good home for. One is a Cocker Spaniel and is young, the other is a French Bulldog and is seven. Sigh. Monday I am hoping to see them both. Oh, what a sucker I am for things that will love me…

5 responses

  1. You mean to tell me you didn’t fall asleep on the couch?

    The good thing about the spaniel is he’s so cute, the good thing about the bulldog is if you don’t like him, he’s already seven….

  2. Nina, just be sure to think about the dog’s immigration options! Will he/she have to be in quarantine for a month if you go to different country? The vet might know something about this…I don’t.
    Love you and glad you’re having such an inspiring time!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS GET A DOG!! I say…If you’re going to pick up your life and move to Mexico, you might as well make sure you’re doing it right. Right? Right. But I do appreciate Mike’s comments about the dog’s immigration options-make sure you can bring it back to the US!! Getting a greencard for him would be a pain…Trust me-I’ve been there.

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