We Love You, Dr. Seuss


Except in Mexico…

Because if you translate The Foot Book, you’re just talking about about feet. A lot. And feet were made for walking. A lot. And if you translate The Cat in the Hat, you’re just talking crazy. No one would allow someone to make such a mess in their house. Basically, if we can’t understand you in English–with your whimsical rhymes–you are dead to us. Oh, wait

Now, if you add food–especially eggs and jamon–the Mexicans eat you up. Nothing says a good time like some cooked ham. (Maybe if you wrote a book called Green Eggs and Chicharon-these weird hotdogs they eat like sausage…)


When we get to create sombreros to wear, you become a lot more fun. I even had my own crown commissioned for me. I always wanted to be treated like the queen I am. Unfortunately, it takes a move to Mexico, and fifty seven-year-old students for my wish to come true…


7 responses

  1. Hahahaha. This post cracks me up because every time I read a Dr. Seuss (en espanol) to the kids Chucho says “This does not even make sense. It’s just words.” The kids LOVE it though…but my mouth hurts after reading Huevos Verdes con Jamon.

  2. How funny! You always acted like a queen…with insolent subjects…except Mammaw…and maybe dad…it seems like there was a crown at some point too…

    Really, all of you girls acted like a queen in some “realm of house or family”…

    Also, some of these cute little girls look a tad like you with hair pulled back in a dissolving pony-tail, getting close to their teacher and getting right in the picture…the question is whether their skirt seams have readjusted somewhere between midline and hip, with a back pocket lined up perfectly on the hip…

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