Escolta (Girls Dressed Up Marching Around…)


Okay, so I told you that I only have a handful of girls, right? Did I tell you they were Mexican Beauties?

For the last little while, my class keeps getting interrupted by these Sweethearts-of-Chiapas. Today it was one of my questions actually…What’s the deal with escolta? I am glad I asked… I wad told that while it is a disruption, it is also a honor to be presenting the flag. That really helped. No longer was this the gym teachers taking my girls out of my class to march around–now, they are going because they’ve been chosen.

We also got to watch the girls today. All of the grade levels presented. Really, the little girls were (by far) the cutest. Seriously. Have you ever seen five year old girls march around? They stole the show. I have a video of my girls though. Please excuse me being teacher-of-the-year in the background…

On Mondays we have a flag ceremony at school. We have a couple drummer-boys (and girls). The main attraction though is when the big girls march the flag in. We all salute (with an arm parallel to the ground across your chest), and they sing the national anthem. Now that I am Mexican (not really), I have to learn the anthem. It is really pretty in Spanish, but I don’t really know what it says yet… I do like to kinda dance around while standing still. It has a nice beat!

Good days in Mexico… Please never end.



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