Breakfast In Mexico

I’ve been eyeing this lady who sells food and drinks in the morning. She has a couple coolers, and a basket of yummies.

Unfortunately, she’s almost always surrounded by lots of people. I have drawn my temporary line at being gawked at while I struggle to make sense of the Spanish that attempts to escape my mouth. That is no more.

Today, armed with a Mexican I braved the sweet ladies. I stood by as he asked what they sold. I let him pick out my pan for me. I even sweetly held his coffee so that he could pay. Then, I drank with gusto delicious Arroz con Leche! (It tastes like someone poured milk in our sweet breakfast rice at home…)

YUmm… It was great. And cheap. I got a pan (the bread is different–a little dry, but it had sugar sprinkled on top) and my delicious drink. They also sell cafe, but when you buy cafe on the street it ALWAYS has sugar in it. Always. The Mexicans love their sugar…

My favorite breakfast I’ve prepared is black beans with eggs, cheese, and habanero hot sauce. That requires waking up and fixing breakfast… My other option is stopping at the gas station on the way to work. I’ll tell you this–breakfast on the street beats the 20 pesos I pay for coffee and a dry granola bar any day. I might even swallow my pride and try again tomorrow.


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