Proud Visa Owner


I didn’t share my Friday adventure with you. It’s super exciting for me, but maybe not as much for you… I got my visa!! It is good for one year of work in Mexico. Can I tell you again I don’t want to leave? I know at some point someone will tell me to hush and stay in Mexico…

We left school Friday to head to immigration. There is an election this year here, and I am sorry to say that I am ignorant about what is going on. All I know is that election ads are painted on walls here.

20120226-211603.jpg (Sidenote: I am equally as ignorant about the election in the States right now…I feel like I am so out of touch with reality! I read on Twitter today about some of it. I am pretty happy to be away from Washington D.C. right now, that is for sure!)

As we were driving, I saw what, at first glance, looked like the normal Manuel Velasco ad. Then I realized it wasn’t… I just about died! How funny! I have since realized it is just another ad for someone else. It was much funnier when I thought someone was joking around.


I was glad for my little meeting this morning. The daughter and her family have returned to Mexico (City…), so we were down to what I assume is the normal size: four. My friend went with me today, and another man was there as well. Can you imagine four only? It’s hard to believe… In any case, it still lasts for forty-five minutes, so no worries! I’m grateful for every minute–even the minutes that include me not knowing what is going on…

It is wonderful to understand more now. It is hard to believe that it is has been two months that I’ve been in Chiapas! When I think back to my first couple weeks here, I am grateful for so much growth in my Spanish. It was pretty painful there for a while! I’m starting to pickup some expressions too. That is what really makes me feel Mexican.

Por ejemplo:

Que Bonito!

This is what they say when the kids are acting up with each other at school. Literally translated it means What’s beautiful?

I feel silly adding the other expressions because I don’t understand all the words. One is about buying a ticket. It’s kinda the equivalent expression to Mom’s You’re-crusing-for-a-bruising. When someone is teasing you, you can say blah-blah-blah-boleto. (I probably should wait until I know all the words to use it…hmm?)

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