Parque de Marimba


Hooray! I am officially a Chiapanecan! I believe so at least, because I finally went to Marimba Park!

Marimba Park is where all the old people go on the weekend to dance. Video. The band plays in a gazebo of sorts, and all around it people dance! My favorite is the guy in the red hat…

We ate that yummy corn, and when we left we saw these guys! Video Pretty amazing, right?

I wish you could see all the old people. For someone who loves old men, it was like a dream come true! When we first arrived, I even saw the same old man walking around saying hello to all the pretty ladies. He looked too white to be from Chiapas–so I’ve already invented his story in my head: When his wife died, he surprised his children and grandchildren by selling all the things that reminded him of her. Then he moved to Chiapas. He comes to Parque de Marimba to dance on the weekends. All the ladies love him because he is a smooth-talker. Okay, so maybe it needs more details, but I like to imagine it my way…

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