Wise Men Say


When I played Fools Rush In today, this is what my student did. At one point, he even put it under his shirt to pretend it was his real corazon. They love it when I tell them the music is about love. Oh, sure, I have my moaners and complainers…or at least the kids who pretend to be slow dancing. For the most part, they are really pretty accepting of all-things-love.

The Mexican people are very loving (despite what you hear of violence). They hug and kiss each other all the time. My kids will lay on my lap, or tell me they love me. Couples are making out on every street corner. Kids hug and hold each other so much, that it’s more strange to see them not touching.

I’ve tried to explain to friends how important human touch is to me. People don’t understand as much at home–because everyone is so stand-offish. (Reason four hundred and twenty-three on why I might belong in Mexico…) I realize there are exceptions. My family MUST be Mexican. They’ve got the loving part down pat…

4 responses

  1. awww. i’m glad they love on you.
    those boys just stole my heart. sigh. so adorable!

    love you love you kiss and hug you.
    (oh, and we are flying out of Miami on April 1st and flying out of Mexico City on April
    15th..I hope we don’t totally miss you.)

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