Fly Me To The Moon


When we went out on my birthday, I heard “Fly Me To The Moon” in Spanish. I love the Frank Sinatra version, so today I downloaded the song in Spanish.

What is it about great music that really can turn your day around?

Thursdays are a long day for me. I have zero breaks during the day–and by the end of the day the kids are like wild animals. Today we went outside for the last 30 minutes and played Sharks and Minnows and Freeze-Tag. I taught them the fun version–you know, where you crawl through the legs of people to unfreeze them. This is one of the best things about having boys: they loved it.

After school I made a southern supper. I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic lately, and get a little bummed when I can’t find certain things at the store. For example, cocoa powder. I live in Chiapas for crying out-loud. Why can’t I find cocoa powder? (I’ve started saying, “En Mexico, no exista…”)It makes me laugh about it instead of throw a fit because I can’t make cookies.

I can’t figure out how to bake either. I wanted to make corn bread, but I don’t know if I can use cornmeal they use for tortillas. And if I can, do I mix it with flour? How will I make biscuits?

I’m going home for Semana Santa, and I feel like I make a list in my head of things to bring. Really, I don’t have any “things” I want–just food products and spices. Although, I think I’m shopping at the wrong place. I feel like I need to hit up more markets like the one I found in San Cristobal last weekend.


I mean, they have forty kinds of beans and live chickens… Surely, I can get my hands on spices. Right?

2 responses

  1. WRONG! Good luck finding what you need in a Latin American supermarket. You’re lucky, in Costa Rica we didn’t even have a stove. It was non-bake cookies for us!! We did find cocoa, though. And Nutella…and peanut butter. Actually, now that I think about it, the supermarkets were pretty well stocked.

    • I don’t have any pans, so I can’t use the stove… You might have to share some cookie ideas. I know how to make one with oats and cocoa. But cocoa powder no exista in Tuxtla…

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