Estoy Contenta


I love that word contenta. I think I’m using it correctly… I have been thinking of this all day, so some of you have already heard my thoughts on the matter.

People use the contenta/contento word like we would happy.. When I first began teaching my class of wild animals angels, the Real Housewives would tell me that their child was contento. I feel like it is more than being happy; it is like being satisfied and happy rolled into one.

I think of what a blessing it has been for me to escape move to Mexico. Life is so different here, and I can’t imagine returning to my old life. You know, the mentality in the States is More-Bigger-Becoming-the-Best. It is no wonder that other cultures call us infidels, because it is a life of vanity. Don’t get me wrong: I understand that it is a necessity to become driven in the States. It’s the norm! The problem (one of many) is that you push yourself, and work really hard–for nothing. Rarely is the payoff worth it.

The documentary Waiting For Superman exposed (and dramatized) the American teaching profession. I love that I don’t have to be Superman here. I can accept help–and even ask for it–without being viewed as someone who isn’t putting enough time into my job. In Virginia, I went to work at 6:45-7:00. I worked an average of 60 hours a week. It was never enough. (When will America’s Education Pendulum swing again?)

I realize that I’m lucky. I had the privilege of packing my bags and heading to Mexico when my Quarter Life Crisis hit. I am so glad that I trusted God enough to lead me. If I had known the bessings that were in store for me, I may have been a little less depressed during my struggles–although honestly, I don’t know that I would appreciate the view so much if I didn’t have to hike the mountain. That’s the nice thing about hiking: you know that you won’t have to go up forever. Eventually, you get to go down again.

It’s when we get to rest and recover that we have the strength for the next obstacle. I realize that my struggles in life aren’t over. I know that more problems, stress, and heartache will come. I am glad that I know the source of comfort and strength. I’m glad I know that those problems don’t matter in the end outcome.

I remember being sad and confused about where life was leading me. My friend said, “Soon we’ll know where Nino belongs.” At the time I felt very dissatisfied with that comment. I mean, after all, confusion is never in my plans. I have always liked clear choices and clean decisions. I’ve always liked planning tomorrow. But when what you plan doesn’t work out–do you have a Plan B?

Now here I am: Contenta in Mexico. Gone are the societal pressures that made me feel inadequate and unsatisfied. Gone are all the things that filled my room(s). Gone is the expectation of what my relationships should look like.
Who would have known that life would be so grand?

7 responses

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  2. The road to wisdom is not only paved with mistakes,,,,,, it is also paved with experiences that lead us to wonderful peace and rest on the journey….. you are right it won’t last but enjoy it while it is here instead of worrying about when you have to put your hiking shoes back on….. Love you

  3. Oh, I hope I can come home to get my hiking shoes. Actually, I was told I had feet like an Indian the other day. I walk around barefoot, and the soles are hard as a rock. Muy mal… In any case, remind me: new flats, rain boots, and hiking boots…

  4. Glad that you’re finding joy in what you’re doing. Sounds like a great quarter-life crisis to me. Looking forward to hearing about more contenta moments as your time in Mexico continues.

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