Open Mouth–Insert Foot

I have seriously opened my mouth many times recently. See, the bad thing about my Spanish is it puts me in the same position I was in when I spoke English: I say too much.

The other day, we were riding home in the car. I learned the word “tanto.” It is like saying so in English. Don’t ever make the mistake of saying you are so hot. Trust me. You will get weird stares and maybe inappropriate offers…

Today, someone asked about the dancing in San Cristóbal. She wanted to know about the men there. I explained that it was a lot of fun. I then proudly told everyone (in Spanish) that our friend danced with all the men. Only the words hambre(hungry) and hombre(man) are too similar.

This is what I realized today: at some point I learned enough Spanish to understand people. In a parent-teacher conference today, I understood almost everything! Someone said I had learned a lot–and I feel just as surprised as they are. I am using my power of language every opportunity I get.

I guess I can best sum this up by explaining what happened today. One of students with special needs came up to me, told me he loved me, then held his hands over my mouth, and said, “Cerrar la boca!” Close your mouth!

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