OCC Propaganda

It’s funny: I am listening to music (and wouldn’t be able to understand the words anyway), but message is loud and clear.

See, the bus ride from Tuxtla Gutierrez to San Cristóbal isn’t really long, but they play entertainment movies for us while we ride. Before the movie comes on, there are about 15 minutes of commercials.

The first commercial has a man who is playing the part of an angel. He brushes his feathers, reads a little while, plays chess with an unseen being, sleeps while flying, etc. Then, he guides a family onto the OCC bus, and disappears at the door. In the next screen, it shows drivers practicing in a driving course. The course is wet and full of turns, but the fast driving buses safely maneuver through without mistakes.

In the next commercial, a good looking man is riding a mostly empty bus. I’m assuming he is going home to his wife, as he longingly looks as his wedding ring. He lays his head down, and looks up to see an adorable toddler gazing at him. After playing peek-a-boo, the next scene shows the toddler reaching his hand out to him. As the sun pours in the window behind him, he reaches up and shakes hands with the boy. Of course, he is no longer sad.

The thing that always makes me laugh, is these people don’t look Mexican at all. They are the whitest actors they can find. It’s the same thing on the advertisements in town. When you see posters in the U.S., the people are all very multicultural. There are always boys, girls, blacks, whites, and Asians. Here, I rarely see actual Mexican-looking people in ads.

It would be nice if my confidence was made stronger by these advertisements, but the fact that it is taking our bus driver ten minutes to get through the toll might be a problem. Maybe his angel didn’t take his halo off and play hula-hoop with it. Maybe his angel forgot to brush his wings today. Or maybe he is just another bus driver driving just any old bus. Maybe if I had a beautiful child (or a handsome man) in front of me, my spirits would be lifted and I would enjoy my ride. I’m just saying…

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