Five Tidbits About Bathrooms in Mexico


There are somethings that no one tells you when you come to Mexico. Important things! These are five Mexican bathroom facts for you:

1). You might not have water due to faulty systems. Do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and store water to flush the commode. If not, you might find yourself peeing outside like me!

2). Toilet seats are apparently unimportant. When I first saw a toilet without a seat, I was so surprised! I really thought maybe it was being repaired. No. No importante in Mexico… Today, I went in a bathroom where every stall was missing a toilet seat! Crazy!!

3). Toilet Paper might be outside of the bathroom.. It the States, we are used to having paper where we do our business, right? Not so here. I have made the mistake of not checking in advance more than once. Toilet paper is sometimes outside of the stalls. Imagine what a problem that could be! And on the subject of toilet paper:

4). Don’t Flush Toilet Paper! This is important, but no one tells you when you come to Mexico. I feel like you should get a Guide to Living in Mexico. It would include this. It’s pretty gross, because all bathrooms have trashcans with gunky paper in them. Apparently, there are some hotels that don’t allow Americans because they don’t follow rules like this. Honestly, it is really hard to remember!

5). Space and function are more important than appearance.. Yesterday, I used the bathroom where the (seatless) toilet had a metal pipe a couple feet overhead that you turn on to add water to the bowl to flush. In most traditional homes, it seems that everything is together. The bathrooms are tile, and the shower is coming out of the wall to drain in the floor. There isn’t an actual shower like we have in the states that is separate. It’s interesting, as I imagine the commode and sink get wet too!

Consider this a business course for you. Now you won’t be surprised when you conduct your business.

2 responses

  1. I agree! Somebdy should prepare a crash course of toilets for all tourists visiting Mexico. My first encounter with the “Mexican” toilet was at the airport.
    I understand – I was dizzy with the flight and the smog and everything, but for the love of everything dear to me (my dignity, for example), I couldn’t find the knob to flush. I would have settled for a rope, a button, an old-fashioned handle – just give me something!
    I entered into panic, thinking I might never leave the stall at all. Then I heard the noise of a wet cloth being dragged on the floor.
    The cleaning personnel! I thought. They must know!
    So I stepped out and closed the door behind me. Flushhhhh! the water came.
    Problem solved!
    Still, I think it would have been nice of them to put a label in the stall, explaining the procedure.

  2. In the Philippines at a rest stop, I encountered a ladies bathroom (and I use the term loosely) which consisted of a trench which you were supposed to somehow straddle… TP, nowhere in sight…. Stalls? nada.
    At the car rental in Florence, Italy the unisex bathroom consisted of a hole in the floor with a slot for each foot on either side. This one did have TP and a sink with running water and soap. Out of country travel does present unique challenges….. Maybe we should have a blog on international pottys with instructions….

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