Watch Out For Me!


I am just on fire today. Seriously, you better stay away–or bring your sunglasses, because it might hurt your eyes…

It all began this morning. I chatted with the director, and received news that the real housewives still love me. Whew! I must be doing something right. Taming lions. That’s what I am doing. You have probably seen others like the picture above, but the first I saw was for teachers. It’s true, you know. You should have seen my “wild things.”

So, I realized the other day that I am having to change a lot as a teacher. Teaching in Mexico is an amazing experience, and I feel like I am starting to get somewhere with my babes. They are really great kids–not at all the cretins I was led to believe they were. I like to tell people that solely because I like to use the word cretin. With a class full of boys, I have to be pretty tough. I was reminded that I need to take care of my girls too though. I scared one last week–probably because the boys aren’t used to hearing “no.” I get frustrated when they don’t listen, but understand me fine and dandy. Little boogers.

So, today I made it my goal to speak quietly. See, not only am I a loud person, but the concrete building doesn’t help matters. I seem even louder!! Of course, my Mexican kiddos responded the same as my students at home. Quiet teacher+quiet class=ahhhh… It helped that some of my kids had a Word Study word sort with s, h, and sh. Every time I explained the sort to a child, I said, “shhhhh…”

Then, after school I went to the office to use the computer. To help me practice/understand I translated a song, “Yo No Se Mañana.” Well, let me tell you…that was a mistake. I asked a girl in the office to clarify one line. It didn’t make sense to me, because it was talking about being thirsty. For each other. Ahem. One of the new teachers said, “Are you translating your text messages?” Ha. He obviously knows nothing about my love life. Maybe I should let him read my slit-your-wrists post from two days ago.

The good news is my Spanish is greatpassable! I still have such a long way to go, but it is day-by-day. My advice to everyone is make yourself speak the language. The other day I met this boy from Knoxville (weird, right?) for coffee at Starbucks. He walked up to the counter and ordered in English. I said, “Do you always order in English?” “Oh, he speaks English,” he said. “Well, I make them speak Spanish to me,” I replied. It’s true. I want to
practice every chance I get!

Oh, so the biggest success was when I came home. We had no water again. Don’t you worry: I fixed it! I watched Raquel last week, and sure enough! No problem! Woo hoo!

My battle of the day is yet to come. I found out that I majorly overpaid for the taxi to my job the other day. It should have been 30 pesos, and it was 50. Each way. I told the people at school that I need to speak better Spanish so that I can be Mexican. And get a tan. I will not pay more than 40 pesos today. The taxi drivers better be ready for me. I will fight for my right to party pay-like-a-Mexican.


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