Speak Like Me

Spanish is confusing. But sometimes I make Spanish more confusing than it has to be. For example:

When I bought my first hotdog, I went through the motions of trying to understand how to ask for a hotdog. “Como se dice?” I asked. “Hotdog.” I was told. “Si, pero como se dice en espanol?” I asked again. “Hotdog.” the woman said.

Today? This was repeated as I wanted to but tissue paper for my runny nose. “I need paper for my nose,” I said in Spanish. Then I pretended to blow my nose. “Kleenex?” the lady asked…

Later, after meeting I was asked if I wanted these pancake-like breads. “Que?! Como se dice?” I asked. “Hotcakes!” She replied. I was also told to stick my finger into the sweet cream to taste it–after I refused to have a bite because of my cold. Hmmmm…

So, this is my lesson of the day. Simple is better! Chances are, if something is super difficult, it is probably because I’m complicating matters! This has me analyzing things that seem soooo complicated in my life. Calm down, Jania, and it will all work out!

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