Estoy Enferma!


I deserve it. I know it’s because I’ve been sooo full of myself. Last week I made fun of the Mexicans for wearing masks when they’re sick–or if they don’t want to get sick. I scoffed and told everyone that I am tough and unafraid of Mexican germs. When a Canadian girl was talking about getting sick all the time here, I was happy to tell her I haven’t been sick here.

Well, last night it started with a runny nose. I bought some medicine, but refused to buy the kind that looked gross. This morning I went BACK to the pharmacy. I ask the guy for something strong, and showed him my muscles. He laughed.

Today at school I was a big Meanie. By the time the class was ending, I knew I needed to head home. On the way, I bought more medicine (allergy/expectorant).

Oh, please let me feel better soon! I promise to stop biting my nails and getting these germs in my mouth…

2 responses

  1. I hope you know you kicked dirt in those leprechauns face when you acted arrogant about not getting sick. I only know this because “i read it in a book”, not that I have ever experienced it myself(kicking dirt in the leprechaun’s face!). don’t you miss me now??
    We miss you and thought lots about you over your bday. Julianna is 9 mths now and almost ready to walk. Everyday she is learning new things. It’s so neat to watch her grow and learn. (I sound like those sickening gmas don’t I ?? Jared got promoted to 1st class Petty Office and they will be moving to Chicago June or July. COLD. We hear we may have snow tomorrow. I wished it for today. I had one going loco on us this am . actually all week. 2 of them one day. I definitely know itis the full moon!! this week. Will go . Love you and take care and get to feeling better!!

    • Oh, I do miss you! I wonder what Mexican leprechauns would look like? Probably like Orlando, huh?

      I love hearing about sweet baby! I can’t believe she is 9 months!!! That’s outrageous! I miss her sweet Mama too!

      Give my love to everyone! Miss y’all, but I will be home (Lord willing) for Santa Semana and Spring meeting!

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