Watching All the Cars Go By


I received a call sometime mid-day asking if I wanted to accompany a friend from work, her friend from the States, and her Mexican boyfriend to waterfalls. Because my days are easy and free here, I could easily answer, “Sure! Why not?!”

Well, I can give you a couple reasons why not… For one, we didn’t really know how to get there. We took a bus without a real clue as to where we were going. It was gorgeous with my ears popping as we drove through the mountains. The area was desolate–much like how I remember Eastern Oregon looking. And then, with the help of a phone (not mine–the Mexican cell stinks…), we got off the bus. In the middle of nowhere. This was a mistake…

Quickly, we climbed up an overpass to a different road. And we waited for the bus. And waited. And waited.

When it was clear that no buses were coming, we walked back down to the same road where we got off the bus. We climbed onto a new bus that kindly stopped for us, and were asked by the driver what we were doing in the middle of nowhere, as the people on the bus laughed (funny aliens…). It was actually the Mexican who took us there!

And so, we arrived to the puebla of Cintalapa. After buying a bus ticket back to Tuxtla, we explored. I really liked the town–as it was more of what I expected from Mexico. There were gorgeous buildings lining the streets, and “cowboys” wandering around looking snazzy in their hats and boots.

We walked down streets with uneven sidewalks that were five feet above the streets below. Finally we came upon the market. I have to go back to the market. Imagine again NYC Chinatown. Perfume for sale hundreds of pesos below the price in stores, knock-off Ray Ban sunglasses, and food!

Mexicans do like their mayonnaise! I had corn off the cob layered into this cup with mayo, lime juice, hot sauce, chili powder, and cheese. Yum!



What an adventure!

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