Stretching Four Pesos


My last day in Tennessee before I left for Mexico. I hope to live up to the name that was given to me–what a woman!

You know how I rave about fresh tortillas? I love getting them piping hot from the guy at the counter (who now knows I want media…). If you get a whole order there are a billion tortillas in there. Today I saw a lady with four packages. There are 25 in my 1/2 order–so she was literally buying 200 tortillas… A half order of tortillas costs around four pesos–which would be around 30 cents or so.

Tortillas don’t taste so good as they get older, and the Mamaw in me has been cringing as I throw them out every other day. I keep hearing, “Do not throw upon the floor the crust you cannot eat, for there’s a mighty hungry little one who’d think it quite a treat. Willful waste makes woeful want, and oh! how you might find the day you you only wish you had that bread that you just threw away…”

So, today after eating feeding the cat, I went to the bodega. I bought fresh tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onion and cilantro. Do you see where I am going with this? I whipped up some salsa–I even puréed it with the immersion blender.


The old tortillas were recycled (and fried) into chips. Yummo! I even had a piece of chicken on a fresh tortilla with salsa for lunch! Now, to sooth my manos from the pepper juice…

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