Lazy, Lazy, Lazy…Jania (not Jane)

Today is wonderful. Yesterday was wonderful. Todos los dias en Mexico are wonderful!

Yesterday was fun. I really enjoy spending time alone here: I rode the bus to Little America (not a real place, just my new name for “the American part of town”). I started to watch The Tree of Life. And then I stopped.

You know in I’ve Got Big Plans when the football (American) team is losing, and the boy says, “This is not in the plans!” That is how I feel about that movie. It. Is. Sad. That was not in my plans for my birthday.

So, about 15 minutes into the movie, I left.

The afternoons here get really windy, and normally I wear my running pants under my skirts (mainly because it allows me to sit on the floor with the kiddos). Yesterday, I didn’t wear them. I will not make this mistake again. I walked out of the mall, and Whoosh! Up went the skirt.

I quickly hailed a cab, and had my first cab ride in Mexico! It wasn’t really anything to write home about–just necessary to get a couple blocks away to the Walmart.

Last night I went out with some girls. The Mexican girls are a lot more fun than the Americans. I wonder if the Americans ever think of the reputation they are earning for all of us! They whine and complain about everything, and no one wants to be around them–me included! It’s like in I’ve Got Big Plans when he says, “Cheer up, Missouri! You’re bringing me down!” (Get it? Because of the arch…). The Mexican girls, on the other hand, just talk about everyone and everything. I’m learning a lot!


Anyway, this place was really amazing! It had this quote on the wall: “Tanto la queria que tarde en aprender a olvidarla 19 Dias y 500 noches.” That’s what I am learning to do–forget. You know how you hear that women forget about childbirth when they actually have their babies? It’s like the pain and ickiness (I am allowed to say that, because I teach children) of life at home is slowly fading. It’s evidence that God does know what he is doing–Oh, for the peace of a perfect trust… If only I could have more faith during the battle.

Today is nice: I’m laying around listening to my Spanish music and enjoying the peace and tranquility of Mexican life (and a weekend sin roomies). I can’t wait until I understand more! What I do understand is good! This is a good place to start–still learning to hold on and let go!

Ya no importa lo que fui
Todo lo bueno tiene un fin
Doy la espalda a ese ayer
Y en esta noche empezaré

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  1. Hi, Jania and congratulations on your birthday!
    Have you found a blanket yet? You could try searching them under the name of “edredon”, instead of “cobija”. The last one is a real blanket, made of an assortment of materials, but the first one looks more like a fluffy blanket. It’s also very light, but pretty good in keeping one warm.
    Best luck,

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