Happy Birthday to Me!

Mexico heard that it’s a special day: last night there were fireworks! This is not a surprise, they have fireworks all the time. “Todos las noches,” I tell my students, “In the United States, we have them twice a year!

Twenty-eight. Wow.

Last year, for my birthday we went to Los Tios in Del Rey for Mexican/Salvadoran food. I wore a sombrero and ate yummy food with my amazing friends. This year, I am in MEXICO! Craziness!

I’ve been pretty excited about turning 28. It’s going to be a great year, I am sure! I’m starting it off right: new country, new job, new goals, etc. I’m even in a place at work where I am one of the youngest. Most of the young teachers are in their thirties.

Work was cancelled today, so I slept late (7:00), took the longest shower, and have just laid around! It’s great! I think I will go to town soon, and maybe go see a movie. Maybe I’ll buy a new dress or some shoes… Tonight I’m going out with the Spanish girls for dinner, dancing, and maybe karaoke!

Twenty-Eight Things I Want To Do This Year
1). Go to the Mayan Ruins.
2). See the Canyon.
3). Learn to speak Spanish.
4). Swim in the Gulf.
5). Visit Central America.
6). Visit the Zapatista communities.
7). See the old people dance in Marimba Park.
8). Learn to make tamales.
9). Learn to salsa.
10). See some monkeys (apparently this can be accomplished with 1 or 2).
11). Understand the songs I listen to.
12). Figure out how to make more money teaching English.
13). Raise my GRE scores.
14). Learn to make more than black beans and rice in Mexico.
15). Figure out how to get water (you’d think I would know this by now…)
16). Give a testimony in meeting that doesn’t require me asking how to say something.
17). See an active volcano.
18). Learn to knit on a knitting machine the indigenous women use.
19). Run again!
20). See the coffee farms.
21). Ride in the front seat of a Collectivo.
22). Start English classes for the neighborhood kids.
23). Read a Spanish book.
24). Talk to my Mexican niece and nephew in Spanish only.
25). Find the source of music and fireworks.
26). Have a conversation without apologizing or saying, “Hablo poco!”
27). Visit a waterfall that you can swim in.
28). Scuba dive (or snorkel) in Belize.

Here’s to a year of growth and happiness!

16 responses

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! Wish I could celebrate with you! Or do some of those 28 things with you… how fun would that be?? Missing you muchly…

  2. Nino, hope you had a wonderful bday. I smiled at the comments above, especially Fuv’s about your stuff being strewn all over and ending with “that’s all”. We all love you!!! xoxox


  3. Oh dear. I am happy for you. I hope this experience is everything you dream and more.

    As for your testimony, the greatest and most impactful ones don’t need words. It’s YOU! Christ living through you. Allow Him to use you through your smile, trust, touch, friendship, and they will now.

    Happy 28 dear. Lots of love.

    You got an address? Want any thing special?

    • 🙂 I can imagine you saying that, “Oh dear.” Thank you for your sweet reminder–it means a lot! As for sending something, any chance you could pack up a baby (or two. or four.)? Just kidding!

      I’ll email my address–but don’t feel obligated! ❤

  4. Hola niece,
    I took two years of Spanish, but a little rusty. I know you did not grow up around me so you don’t know me well but this is your Aunt Ruthie, or you can just call me IDAHO. I’m here in California visiting your grandma and Courtney. Just wanted to find out what are your GRE scores at this moment and HOW are you planning to raise them.
    I also wanted you to know just how much your blog means to me. It’s is so inspiring to read about your adventures. I’ve fallen in love with you!

    • Awww… Aunt Ruthie, that is sweet! I did a double take when I saw Gramma–then read, “Hola, NIECE.” 🙂

      My scores were interesting: Verbal scores were high (I dont remember the numbers) and math scores were low. I am applying to a Reading Program, but UVA wants me to bring up my Math scores. Currently I am practicing math at night–I also bought a different GRE book called Breaking the Code. I think. I am sitting at an internet cafe doubting EVERYTHING.

      Mucho love!

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