Shopping In Mexico


The other day, I walked into the school with an important question: Do women in Mexico avoid tampons?

You can buy some wonderful and some not-wonderful things here. I went to a store the other day that had literally aisles of shampoo. More shampoo than we even have in the states! There were other aisles dedicated to hair gels and products.

Basically, Mexicans seem to have this luscious, beautiful, unruly hair. They slick it down with gel–which totally kills me! I love it! I’ve also learned that I have to be careful hugging my boys in the morning. Their gel gets all over my face!

You can buy all kinds of shirts with English writing. They’re usually silly, but apparently a big hit. I saw this teeny-bopper with a shirt that said, “I ❤ Cute Guys". Chances are the cute guys had no idea what that shirt said. I always snicker inside, but I guess it's no different than my C’est La Vie shirt I bought when I quit my job. I saw this the other day, and thought it really works for me here in Mexico:


Remember when I told you how Mexicans call my roommate “Chino?” Well, it seems that interesting (and puzzling) trait of the lack of politically correctness extends to their beverages. I bought a chocolate milk on Sunday:


I walk through stores thinking, “Get it together, Mexico!” Give me more than two choices for tampons. I can buy Tampax, but only in super. I can buy a Mexican brand, but ten cost forty-something pesos. Why can I buy enough pads at one store to supply the entire country of Mexico for a month?


Why can I buy winter coats when it’s 70+ degrees everyday, but I can’t find a blanket for my bed? Why can I buy soda that is the color of nuclear waste at every turn in the grocery store, but getting water to my house is like pulling teeth from a grizzly bear? Why can I buy slinky clothes at every other store at the mall, but cute underwear is impossible to find?

It’s Mexico!

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