A Shortage of Many Things

Can I confess something? I’ve peed in my backyard twice in the last eight hours. See, we found out the hard way our water isn’t working. It wasn’t a major concern at first, because it goes out at least every other day. When the water goes out, we just flick this switch and get the pump turned on. Unfortunately, it really went out today. More unfortunate is that we found this out after I used the bathroom. Fortunately, we had mop water to pour into the commode tank…

So, when I returned from meeting yesterday afternoon, I headed upstairs to ask the neighbors if they had the same problem. In the course of this event, I discovered the rooftop. Why I didn’t suspect we had one is beside me. I was sooo happy when I found it! I want to buy a hammock to go up there! Sigh. Life is good on top of Tuxtla Gutierrez.

Last night I met a cute delivery boy too, who, of course, is in love with me. I say that jokingly because they all confess their love. He is extra cute though because he speaks English, and drives a motorcycle. (Worried yet, parents?) The good news is I am a hot commodity in Tuxtla Gutierrez. The bad news is I am uninterested in 99.9% of the men due to what I want that they ain’t got. If you’re thinking money, shame on you!

Anyhow, plans are in the works to celebrate the greatest year of my life (so far) on Friday. I’m determined that nothing could happen to make 28 any worse then 27 ended up turning out. Twenty-eight. Wow. Seeing it written out is funny. I remember when I moved to DC Jenny was 28. I thought she was too old to have so many factors left to straighten out. (Sorry, Jenny–still think this blog is “funny?”) Let this be a lesson, all you judgers out there: this too could happen to you.

So, here’s to the kick-off of my birthday week! In honor of this blessed occasion, I will share something I want everyday. Today: More piña in this leche and piña drink I just bought. Oh, and a Mexican boyfriend to teach me Spanish. Until I speak the Spanish, I’ll settle for the “language of love.” (That was for you, Daddy.)

P.S. The water is magically working again.

5 responses

  1. Speaking of Spanish… I recently learned: All Mexico speaks Spanish right? Wrong! There are 41 languages in Mexico, both written and spoken (I know that there might be some preference for 42, but NO!, there are 41 :). Further, of these languages, in many locations there are those that also speak a little English – but often generally don’t bother to learn Spanish themselves. At least this is the story that my physics advisor shares, after spending 10 years of his life in Mexico.

    • Yes, you’re right about all the languages! It’s funny, because I listen to people all the time on the bus. Some people are NOT speaking Spanish. The good thing is that because Spanish is a second language, they speak veeeeeery slowly. It is the perfect place to learn!

  2. I must say, your introduction is one of the most engaging I’ve seen in a long time. Congrats to that! When our power was out a couple weeks ago, I was very thankful that I still had running water and pluming to count on. Here’s hoping you get running water again soon!

  3. Happy (early) Birthday, lady!!! And I’m right along with you in being 27/28 and still having so many things left to figure out! How about we hope that this is maybe just the new norm 😀

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