What’s the Point?

I remember when my friend went to Germany, he said he didn’t go to meeting because he couldn’t understand anything. He didn’t speak a bit of German, and to my knowledge, never learned any while he was there.

The thing is, I feel sooo frustrated sitting in meetings where I may understand a line or two. Giving my testimony is hard too, because I can’t really say what I’m thinking about. It becomes a muddled, immature version of my thoughts. Today the thought actually went through my head, “What’s the point of this?”

Now, before you flip out and I get lecture galore, I have worked through it all on my own. It’s just difficult to sit in something so similar to what I have at home. I sat there today crying the whole time (by the way, they DONT have kleenexes on every corner, so I wiped my face on my shirt and my nose on my hands…) thinking about my meetings in Tennessee and Virginia.

Ugh. Please send me emails with happy thoughts. I need them.

I totally love Mexico and feel “at home” here. I just can’t communicate effectively and it is getting to me today.

7 responses

  1. I understand you completely.
    Even though you like where you are and what you do, the language barrier can be a source of major frustration. It took me a year to understand (80%) what people were talking about and I was “immersed” in the language on a daily basis.
    It took me another 18 months to start talking in Spanish. My mental block was that huge.
    Take a deep breath and use up as many Kleenexes as you need. Tomorrow you will know a few words more of Spanish and you will continue to learn, and to express yourself. It’s a natural stage you’re in. A very natural stage.
    Best luck!

  2. Hola Amiga,
    Please send me a good mailing address. You are due a care package. Given that Selah is sleeping well, I have more time now…not much..but enough. Also, remember that our days go in cycles…don’t forget to celebrate your triumphs too and be thankful for already being placed in the best possible way to learn a language, by being immersed in it. I would try to write down those key words you struggled with and take 30 min a day to look up their meaning and using pneumonics to help with practical application.
    We miss you!

  3. Sweet Nino, keep on keepin’ on. Your hunger for “bread” will not go unanswered, it just may come in different forms than you expect it. Call when you can and I’ll share a little from our day. Sending you a giant hug.


  4. Here’s sending a BUNCH of happy thoughts to you, Nia. I KNOW some of this is frutrating for YOU – but do you realize how much you are enriching OUR LIVES by sharing so much of your days with us? YEP – it’s true!! You’ll get there – – just HANG ON – – and have the best birthday EVER – on Friday. (I remember when I was ‘with’ Evelyn Musgrave – she had just turned 45 and I thought she was ANCIENT. Looking from a different perspective THEN, as I was only 21 HOW THINGS CHANGE. (giggle)

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