Today was the first birthday party I’ve attended since I’ve been here in Tuxtla. I’ve heard about how parents go aalllll out.

It was fun! I hopped a bus to Coita in enough time to make my ride to the party. Then I found out that they forgot I was coming. It was a little awkward. I keep getting forgotten, and so I’ve decided from now on I’ll just make it if I can get myself there. It doesn’t help that I can’t really communicate enough to call them up and make sure our plans are still on. Ugh.

So, anyway, this party was cute! I decided to play some of the games with the kids because I was obviously the outsider at the party. I had three young girls sitting around me for a while, asking to learn English. It is funny how open kids are, and how they will slowly say things and act things out. I also thought it was interesting because they asked for their names in English. Cute!

The best part was little Isaac (pronounced Ee-zack). I just love him–he loves his little cousin (actually his niece), and when she got ready he kept saying how pretty she was. When he got ready, he came into the kitchen and said, “Look!” I, of course, told him how guapo he was (I know that word…haha) During the party, he danced with Aleli (I have no idea if it is spelled correctly, but it’s pronounced Ah-Lay-Lee). They were dancing so quickly they kind of blurred. When I have kids, I want one just like Little Isaac. He even loves on me, and he doesn’t even know me.

They had fun games and lots of music. I even heard Achy Breaky Heart in Spanish. It was a fun time, for sure!

Cute Isaac and the Piñata
Cute Gabriel and the guitar
Fun song and dance


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