Can You ‘Si’?

When I don’t understand people, I find myself nodding and saying, “Si! Si!” It’s helping me to understand that when my students tell me that they understand–when they nod and say, “Yes!”–it’s a bold face lie.

A couple days ago I had an eye appointment. That was interesting considering I don’t really know the names of the letters in Spanish. It was super fast, then they put these funky robot glasses on you to walk around in. I walked like a robot. No, it’s true, I did. When you’re an alien, you’re allowed to do crazy things. In fact, everything you do or say is so funny, it helps you live up to expectations. Really, lady? This is normal?

Whose idea was it to wait until they came to MEXICO to get contacts? Oh, yeah…So, I made it through the appointment by finally asking her to write down what she was saying. Today, I went to buy the contacts, and they were 700 pesos for six pairs. Sigh. Considering the appointment is 0 pesos I guess that is pretty good! I’ll just plan on wearing each pair an extra month. That will take me until Fall–or until my eyes fall out from the bus pollution blowing in my face everyday…Which ever happens first.

In other Mexican news, I have a new roommate. She’s Chinese, but down here they call her Chino. I keep wanting to correct them because it sounds so rude. I mean, if I am from Outer Space, she’s from Never, Never, Land or some other obscure location no one living can tell you about. People stare at her more than me.

I have a plan though: I am making friends with all the people who stare at me by talking to them as often as I can. They don’t expect it, and I like to believe it endears me to them. In reality, it is probably just their entertainment each day: Oh, here comes that crazy white girl–let’s see what we can get her to say today!

Speaking of crazy, will someone tell Mexico that just because it is “Winter,” they are not allowed to sell things like this when it’s in the 80’s?!

In fact, someone should also let them know that community pools would be nice. It’s too hot to not have a tan. It would make the sweat okay, if I knew I could go swimming after work. But noooooo, thank you, Tuxtla Gutierrez, I have to hand-wash my smelly work clothes instead.

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  1. Hi!
    Mexicans are notorious for their political incorrectness. I mean, they call you güera, don’t they? But they mean no harm 🙂 It’s the way they speak. After all, how else do you make a difference between people? Colors are the easiest to note. But, really, they mean no harm.

  2.’s so funny when you ask what the weathers like and they say it is sooo cold and it’s in 70s or 80s.

    and the babies are wrapped up in 5 blankets, toboggan, etc. sweating and junk because their mom thinks they will get cold.

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