Open House


I already get gawked at a lot. On the street. At the market. Standing in line for the bus. Now, the school has invited the padres of fifty kids to come gawk at me for a couple hours. Niiiice.

I wonder if the Real Housewives will still love me when they see how little their children know?

Today is our open house. Basically, that means that we will have to work late. I will have parents drifting in and out of my classroom to introduce themselves and say hello! I had my kids write about their families IN ENGLISH yesterday. Can I explain how telling that was? Some kids were interesting: they didn’t know the words, but knew the structure. Most others didn’t know structure or words. Big sigh. I am going to call this reality check time.

It has been fun creating these drawings though–the best is when THEY create them. We are getting this mutual understanding, my kids and I. If they ask–I will help! This means (mis)behaviors have lessened significantly. I’ve started hanging words all over the classroom. I really can’t wait to play bingo with them. That will be awesome.

It is good that I know some Spanish too. There are some words that are needed that pictures can’t describe. I feel like this is where the powers that be and I disagree. Ideally it would be best to NEVER speak English. I see First graders who respond to this nicely. My little boogers know very little English. Plus, for some reason, I have 50 kids–and only somewhere around 12 girls. Anyone see a problem? Those girls will be in Heaven by the time middle school rolls around…

Anyway, here’s to a night of trying to speak enough Spanish to get by!


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