Latin American Men


Necesito novio de Mexico. I’ve decided that it will be much better for me to learn Spanish, AND muy divertido!

Men down here are hilarious. They are so quick to hit on you, but it isn’t with whistles or crude comments (not that I know of yet). Instead they tell you that you’re beautiful or that they are in love with you. They don’t stop either when you shut them down. It doesn’t seem to bother them–they just ask another way.

There is this cute kid that works at the school. He’s twenty, and I am so not interested. I keep trying to spare his feelings by telling him that he is young and I am old. “Eight years is mucho grande!” I say. “No importante in Mexico,” he replies. “Dos anos con mi ex-novio–no lista,” I try again. “Mismo con mi novia,” he fires back, as he tells me she is now with otra novio. Sigh. The one great thing is that I get to practice speaking a lot. I even told him the same–that we spoke different languages. “I will teach you Spanish,” he said. Mainly, I get to say “No” a lot. Ahhh, he is quite adorable.

It really doesn’t matter if they are young or old down here:

Our guard at school is the best–he is old and my favorite person in the world. He is so cute when I wear my traditional bag. It never fails–if I do something different like wear a scarf or belt with my uniform, he comments on it. He also loves that I try to speak Spanish with him (this is the same man who told me I needed to practice when I first moved here). “Profera!” he says jovially, “Muy bonita!” I sure do love old men. P.S. He isn’t hitting on me, but he is a sweetheart!

My vice principal is from Canada, but has a Mexican husband. She is super sweet, and I told her how much I love it here. She tells me now that I need to fall in love. “With Chiapas or a man?” I ask her. “Both!” she replies. I wouldn’t mind if Mexico became a permanent thing–but he would have to be a rich man! I’ve got American bills to pay!

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    • A funny mess… That’s me! 🙂 Miss you! Love you! Oh! Necessito un photo de tu esposo. Today I explained why when I show a picture of a bird, and they say “beard,” I laugh. I just need to hang up birds and beards for fun.

  1. love love. sounds like a plan stan. plus, you could have a mexican babies for my kids to be friendies with. who doesn’t need more primos? I mean come on…

    get you a mexie man. asap. they’re the best.

    (seriously, how could i pass up commenting on this one?)

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