Teaching English

I guess maybe I am going about this differently, but I think of my main purpose (as a teacher here) is to teach my kids to read. Teaching them English isn’t my main goal, although it is super important. In purposing to teach reading, they are, in fact, learning English from the basics (which they are somehow missing…)

Is this wrong?

I guess I’ve been thinking of the building blocks for reading, and phonemic awareness and phonics are where I focus my energy. I am teaching vocabulary as well, but mainly as we come to words or sight words. For example, today we did writing. I told the kids I would help them with words. I will post pictures of the words that we drew and wrote. It was great!!

I am starting Spanish classes with random people at school. Some of the groundskeepers have asked, and I am more than happy to oblige them. I feel like it is something I can do to help more. I just don’t feel like I really know where to begin!

Do I teach practical lessons: what to say when you meet someone or need something? Do I teach language arts: the ABC’s and sounds of letters/ words? Do I teach vocabulary: verbs and nouns?

Help! How did you learn a new language?

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  1. I will say that learning Spanish in school helped me understand English better. Grammar construction helped me more than vocab skills and practice exercises did. I think that having more “real life” situations and contexts for conversations would’ve helped a lot more than repeating text book phrases. As it is, I can read a lot more than I can speak now, and I wish it was the other way around. Verb construction (tenses) was the most difficult, as was getting over a fear of looking and sounding foolish. I think if you can create authentic, fun experiences (maybe acting, using props, etc), it might be helpful. I’m trying to figure out now how to relearn and improve my own Spanish.

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