Three Things I Want To Learn in Mexico


1). How to speak Spanish.

This obviously has to be first on my list. I was sitting next to this sweet (I think) lady on the bus today. She was just talking and talking, and I somehow managed to struggle along with her. I think she was telling me her Mom was sick here in Coita. She said she couldn’t sleep. I understood that much–but there was so much I couldn’t understand! I see the value in hanging out with just the Spanish speakers, because it is hard to switch back and forth. In fact, yesterday, the teacher I traveled with and I tried to keep the Spanish thing going. I know I’ve only been here three weeks, but I’m hoping for major growth soon!

2). How to make Tamales.

Me gusta tamales con pollo y mole. Mmmmm! I buy tamales from this little lady down on the corner for fifteen pesos (for three). I know it isn’t super traditional, but how good would tamales be if they had cooked vegetables inside? I keep thinking of different things to put in them that would make them a bit healthier. In Chiapas, people use banana leaves to wrap them in (as opposed to the corn husks).

3). How to Salsa dance.

This is obviously a biggie after Friday night. In my head I picture myself dancing the night away, pero in reality… Everytime I hear music I want to move now. It is real music here (not the canned music of the United States). In fact, on the way back from the market someone was playing American pop. I felt like my ears were hurting–it was as if the tranquility of the town was being stolen away. Perhaps if I understood more of the words in songs I wouldn’t feel that way. Traditional music sure is amazing!

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