I’m So Excited (And I Just Can’t Hide It)

I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!. No wait, that is totally false. I love having control. That is totes why I am a teacher–we’re control freaks!! I should say: I’m about to lose control on a dance floor and I can’t wait!

I uploaded a couple videos of my kiddos for you. The Fairfax County teacher in me is freaking out a little–then I remember that these kids are all over the school’s Facebook account. It is a great time of day in the morning as my babies get all ready for school with morning exercises. The gym teacher always plays music with a nice beat, and leads primary school in a five-ten minute warm-up. This is what greeted me today.

Seriously?! Where did these kids get moves? They dance with me in class too… Like literally grab my hands and dance.

So, I am sooooo excited because I get to go to San Cristobal today!! Two teachers and I are hopping on the bus sometime this afternoon to travel an hour to a town I’ve heard about non-stop. I can wait to buy an amazing bag there. I stand out too much with my practical traveling bag! (I mean, let me just be clear that there are no white people in Chiapas…There are some light skinned people, but the mystery of Mexico City is gone.) Apparently there are a ton of hippies and tourists from all over the world too. I think we are staying in a hostel–which I’m totes okay with. I bet it isn’t the one that has a bon-fire every night. One weekend I will stay there!

I seriously cannot wait to get out of the City! Chiapas is supposed to be amazingly beautiful. I am counting down the minutes until the bell rings…

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