Musica? Si, Por Favor!

I started Spanish class. I was feeling pretty full of myself for being able to half carry-on conversations with strangers. Spanish class brought me back to reality.

It is taught by another teacher. The whole class we speak Spanish, and she must have the patience of Job! “No se _______,” we kept saying. Instead of telling us in English, she helpfully mimed or used synonyms. Today we listened to music and tried to recognize words and phrases in songs. It was muy dificil, but I did learn of a group that I now love. Their lyrics really speak the desamor of my heart.

The Real Housewives met again today–can I tell you I really like them? I held one Mom’s baby, which might be weird in the States, but it was completely normal here. I am really learning to love their kiddos too, and I’m even getting hugs. It’s necesario por mi. I hear great things everyday, which really helps me love my job! Sigh. (a sigh of contentment) Parents tell me their child is muy contento all the time. I’m going to start saying the same.

This afternoon I found out that one of my [favorite–and oh, so adorable] students has a dad that plays soccer professionally. We found this out when boys went up to him asking for his autograph. Tonight I saw them at Starbucks too. Let’s just say that there is a reason why this kid is amazingly cute. His parents are both beautiful! (Incidentally, he made my day when he signed sit down to another student today. I got this ha-ha laugh inside me.)

It also made my day, as I am sitting there in Starbucks (in my normal corner away from eyes that stare at the alien speaking English), and another student walked in the door. His whole face lit up, and he said, “Hi, Miss Jania (pronounced Han-ia)!” He gave me a hug–and his mom said a quick hello. This is the same kid whose mom walked into my room today as I sang, “Si-lencio, Di-e-go, Por fa-vor-or!” (Can you imagine that? It’s to the same tune of someone chanting “Let’s go, _____” at a sporting event.)

Oh! I was going to tell you what a Real Housewife suggested! She said, “Maybe you could print lyrics to songs so they actually learn what the words are.” Awesome idea. I can’t decide what songs to print though–ideas?? Today I played Adele, and some kids began singing…kinda. It sounds like a mush of language. They do the same thing when they sing my songs from class (which they learn speedy quick). Eenie-meenie-minee-mo becomes meemie-meemie-eyenie-oh. It is all I can do to not laugh at them. Bless their little hearts…

7 responses

  1. I love hearing your stories Jania. You heart is full –
    Just so you don’t miss us too much, it is supposed to sleet-snow – rain in the next 24 hrs. *-)
    I am off to learn how to knit socks this evening. I have always wanted to learn and now I am so excited about it. I will let you know how it goes.


    • I sooooo want to learn to knit socks! I bought these house slippers when I first arrived that are knitted! Me gusta! Much love to you sweet friend! Send me a picture of the finished products!

  2. Oh, Mexicans love kids. The younger, the better. A couple of months ago I went to visit a friend and during the whole visit, I could hold my baby for like 15 minutes. The rest of the time she spent in the arms of the friend’s family and didn’t cry once.
    Best luck with your students,

  3. What a great opportunity for you to be there! Aren’t you so happy that you did not let your fear make your decision to take a chance and go to Mexico. I’m making a prediction this experience will bless you in ways you have no idea of now. So proud of you Jania, keep sending those blogs and pics of those cute kiddos!
    Love you!
    Aunt Ruthie

  4. Black Eyed Peas songs? They’re catchy. Ooo. Or some of the songs from Kimya Dawson or The Moldy Peaches. They just seem to have a catchy-kid kind of sound. (The ones that don’t sing about ‘inappropriate’ junk)
    What is the group you learned you love?

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