¡Buen Dia!


I learned about this expression the other day: Sometimes when you leave someone (or you’ve said, “Hello,” as you walk by), they will follow it up with, “Buen Dia!” The correct response that I have been told is, “Igualmente!” It’s like saying, “Back atcha!”

Today was a good day.

I mean, it started kinda shaky. I laid around in bed a little longer, and kept hitting my snooze button. When I finally headed to the kitchen, I was told that my alarm sounded like an air raid. “Sorry,” I said, “I didn’t realize you could hear it.” “Oh, the neighbors could probably hear it,” I was told. Well, I guess that’s paying them back for the daily fireworks…

Then, on the way to school, this crazy mama dog tried to attack me. For real. I was swinging my purse at it just to keep it away. Luckily, this student showed up in his car to save the day. Ay ay ay!

All of that changed when my students showed up. We seriously had the best day ever! We did our dancing activity to some hip hop music today. It was just a good day… I read The Gingerbread Man to the classes. This was me half-reading and half-performing. I acted out the verbs as well as translating some of them. It was especially great, because it was the old school version. You know, the one where the Gingerbread Man slowly dies– bite by bite? First a quarter was gone, and his legs were missing. Then half was gone, and the little man was just a torso and head. Next only his head was sitting there. Finally it ends with the Gingerbread Man unable to talk anymore.

It was a fabulously gruesome storybook.

We played a great game as I was teaching them sight words. One word is see. “Tu sabes see?” I asked them. “Ver!” someone translates helpfully. Naturally, we played “I Spy A Color” for the next 20 minutes. It was a huge hit, and hopefully my kids now know the word see. (For example: “I see the color blue–azul.” “I see the color brown–cafe.”)

I see a teacher who is very happy in her job. Anybody? Anybody?

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  1. Hi, JIBlakely!
    Love your post!
    About colors – my husband’s friend named her daughter Celeste – it’s a shade of blue, the color of sky. Why did he do that? Why, he is the die-hard fan of Cruz Azul, a very prominent soccer team from Mexico City.
    Celeste as a name doesn’t usually stand alone in Mexico, as it does in English, being accompanied by another name, e.g. Maria Celeste, Paola Celeste, etc.
    Good luck with your students!

    • Thanks for reading! It does get confusing when there are soooo many names and they are all so similar! I do love the name Celeste though! Thank you for the well wishes of luck. They are muy necesario!

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