Ways To Travel In Mexico

1). Four wheeler
True story. The other day, while waiting for the bus, I saw a four-wheeler cruise by like it belongs on the highway.

2). Standing in the back of a truck!
This is one of the strangest things, and I giggle every time I see someone standing in the back of a truck. Even dump trucks!

3). In the arms of your mother
This wouldn’t make the list if it were on the street. Babies are NEVER buckled in–they just ride on someone’s lap! Young children pile all over cars–hanging out windows.

4). Bicycle taxis
The only other time I’ve seen these is in the movies portraying Asian cultures. Bicycles are hitched to a buggy of sorts. (Incidentally, they are used to haul food carts and trash too…)

5). On the back of a bicycle standing up
I always imagine how it would hurt in a wreck. I used to see kids in Florida do this too. They hop on the axle from the back spokes and ride.

6). Three on a motorcycle
This is really interesting too. The roads are crazy here, so when I see people without helmets I cringe. Even worse is when three people are on the same motorcycle–child in the front all hunkered down. Sigh.

4 responses

  1. Bummer, I was hoping to see “on the back of a burro” or something really “country” on your list. Great post as always Nino. Love ya.

  2. So what’s WRONG with standing up in the back of a dump truck? (giggle). I used to get so aggravated wtih my dad for letting my brother and me do this when we wanted to soooooo bad. What’s the point in your dad HAVING a dump truck if you could’t ride in the back, standing up??
    Love you kiddo. Aunt Betty

  3. Haha I’m with Lisa. When I read the post I thought of donkeys. Although the truck riding is pretty darn crazy..Like when there’s 15 people in the back and they tell you there’s still room for more. Haha.

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