Party Every Night!

My roommate said the other night, “It’s like there’s a party every night, and no one invited us!” It’s the perfect way to describe nights–as I lay in bed listening to fireworks and music.

I was walking home Thursday night, just as it was getting dark, I heard live music! I love live music, so I turned into this “establishment” called Mr. Fish. Basically, it is a local dive with a guy playing a keyboard. The people in the restaurant were singing, older looking people–most wearing cowboy hats. They were quite adorable.

One of the guys working there walked up to me as I slinked in the shadows checking it out. In my broken Spanish, I explained that I heard the music while walking home that night. He smiled and let me know that cerbeza was $15 pesos (Less than $1.50 American dollars). I promised to come back Friday night, and the idea of doing something fun like listening to music sounded too inviting to pass up!

It finally happened, thank you, Mr. Fish. You know how you hear horror stories of getting sick? That didn’t happen to me–until last night…

My roommate speaks Spanish, so she helped me order. For something around $10, I had a drink, soup, and fried shrimp. The soup came out, and I lifted a whole shrimp (eyes and all) out of it. Hmmm… That should have been my sign, but I didn’t want to seem like a rude American. My meal wasn’t really anything resembling shrimp–but I’m assured that it was. And it was quite delicious. They serve plain mayo next to it, so I mixed some hot sauce in for a little flavor.

The rolling stomach happened sometime about two-three hours later. Just to give you an idea (without sharing too much information), it was like something was alive in there. No kidding! You could hear this rumble start on one side and travel all the way across. It felt like really intensive gas pains. Ugh. No thanks. Even the homemade cheese I bought on the street didn’t do that, so I am thinking something was wrong with the restaurant…

I was all better when I woke up to the sound of fireworks this morning. Apparently, the party continues.

One response

  1. Ehh. Sicky sucks. Maybe it wasn’t clean? Or the drink was made with local water that hadn’t been boiled?

    Party Smarty. That’s some dang cheap beer.

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