1). I love fresh tortillas.

You might think that you love Mexican food, but unless you buy fresh (literally just made and still hot) tortillas, you can’t talk. I don’t know about the rest of Mexico, but corn tortillas are common here. People eat them like we might rolls, or naan. You tear them and scoop up your food. And when they become a little dry (like they are when we buy them at the grocery store in the States) they make chilaquiles!

2). Mexico is where I belong.

I was thinking about the turn of events that brought me here. Really, my thoughts went back to a couple years ago: I remember writing a note to Jenny telling her that I really felt I should go to Mexico. Then I fell in love, and my plans changed. This fall, I decided again to go to Mexico. My loved ones weren’t too hot about the idea, and it didn’t really work out anyway. The next thing you know, a week after I had planned to fly down before, I am here. It’s not a happy-ever-after story right now, but I am confident it will be when all is said and done. Who knows? I might fall in love with Chiapas and stay! In any case, God’s plans are what’s best for us, and I’ll [try] to trust in them.

3). I can live on just a few Pesos.

After buying some necessities, I’m pretty much able to make cheap meals. I bought 30 eggs for 44 pesos the other day. It’s about $4.00. Hot sauce is 5 pesos–$0.50. Fresh tortillas are about $0.30 for 30 or so. I bought homemade cheese for less than three American dollars. Spinach is about $1.00 for a huge bunch. Basically, it is almost like a game for me now.

4. Every school has these people: cheerleaders, workers, whiners, know-it-alls, control freaks, slackers.

It’s funny how once you’ve been in a school, they are so apparent at first glance. Slackers are late for meetings, talk in the back, and leave quickly. Control freaks like to use information to control other people. Everything is a secret (even if it isn’t). Know-it-all’s have solutions for everything, and offer unsolicited advice. Whiners are always the teachers who complain if their schedule changes one day, and the miss out on their “planning.” Somehow, it always ends up being an issue of Fair vs. Not fair. Cheerleaders feel the need to be super positive, even when bad things happen.

5. This is my chance to be like Teacher.

I am reminding myself that my hero, Anne Sullivan, had it far worse. My kids call me, “Teacher, Teacher!” It sounds like teeecher. It kinda drives me crazy, but I am reminded that Helen Keller did the same. In fact, today, I have been teaching my kids American Sign Language signs for things like bathroom, stand up, sit down, and the ABC’s. It seems to really be working!

6. Something about this place makes me want to dance.

It might be the dancing exercise in the morning. It might be the fact that my kids boogie like crazy when I play musica. Yesterday they told me that downtown they have traditional music and dancing every night at 7:00. Old men go down there and dance with all the ladies. I do love me some old men… (No, really.)

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