¡Ay ay ay!

My “go-to” phrase of the day: ¡Ay ay ay!  (Pronounced Eye, Eye, Eye!)

The good news is my students are normal–they don’t have consistent behavior patterns, and make their teacher batty.  Can I tell you my favorite part about teaching here though?  During the middle of the day, the students have Recess/Lunch as one combined window of time.  No one is exerting adult control by saying, “You have to eat before you play!”  They figure it all out.  We have six grades on the playground at the same time.  There isn’t a problem, because the kids play with their peer groups naturally.  Yesterday I had to fill out a reflection, and that is what I put under my favorite thing about the job so far.  Seriously, when I talk some of my teacher friends into opening a charter school with me, this will have to be into the plans.

My kids are starting to like me, regardless of my  constant mangling of their language–as well as me muttering in English today about how tired I was of them not listening.  I mean, why would they listen?  It is painstaking and boring.   In any case, we successfully completed a book project today, where they basically filled in the blanks for their own version of “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.”  It was a great informal assessment of their knowledge and work habits.  We brainstormed people and animals together on the board.  It is always great to see who the “artists” of the group are.  Even my kid who I was told never completes work, made his book.  I felt properly chastised when one student had me in his book.  “Miss Jania (pronounced Han-ia), Miss Jania, What do you see?”  His illustration was a picture of two BIG eyes with an open mouth.  Hmmm…

Because of today’s experience, I am wondering if it would be better to make a word wall that is subject based:  Animal words, Activity words, Places, People, etc.  I think I would still need an alphabetized version too.  I believe we might work on this some tomorrow.  Yesterday, I commissioned my AP (and resident artist) to make posters illustrating “No Touching.”   As a joke, I wrote, “Hugs Not Slugs” at the top (Slugs as in punches…).  She created this amazing poster of two slugs with their arms around each other.  I will attach a picture tomorrow for you to see.

Side note:  Have I mentioned that this school clears out when three o’clock comes around?  It is completely deserted.   

We have this great staff member here who is a teacher in Canada (I forget which part…)  He was telling me today that they have this option where teachers can accept 80% of their paycheck for four years, then take the fifth year off.  HOW AMAZING!  It makes total sense!  He decided to take the sabbatical this year, and teach here for the experience.  I am totally sold on the idea, and I feel like teachers really need some time off every once in a while.  I said to him, “Did I tell you that I quit my last job?”  He said, “Well, you probably had to, huh?!”  No one quite understands the pressure and soul-sucking experience of teaching like a teacher.  Likewise, no one understands why we keep coming back to the profession!  I should start making a list for my charter school–I will add Five Year Plan to the top.

4 responses

  1. Nino, I can absolutely hear the joy and excitement in your “voice” as you write….clearly your love for teaching is alive and well. So glad you’re settling in with your students. I smiled many times reading this post….all three times that I read it. Keep it up girlie. Wish I could come see you but for now Skype will have to do.

    • Thanks, Lisa!! I do love teaching, if the crazy kids will learn to read my mind–communication will be MUCH better! 🙂 I sure do wish I could see you all too, but hopefully in August…
      Love ya!

  2. That arrangement in Canada sounds mighty cool.. Wish they’d have that option for all occupations – teaching and beyond! lol… But oh well, until then, I guess the rest of us will have to just live vicariously through you and your future dream charter school 😉

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