The King Has Left…the Country

Today I tried to teach the students a new celebration–the Elvis.  You curl up your lip, and point to a person with two hands, while saying, “Thank you.  Thank you very much.”  Of course you say this with your best Elvis voice.  That is, if you know who Elvis is…

“Tu sabes Elvis?” I asked expectantly.

Blank stares.

“You know, ‘You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog…’,” I sang, while swiveling my hips in an attempted Elvis impersonation.

Blank stares.

Out came the iPhone.  (Thank you, Steve Jobs.)  I quickly pull up my Elvis albums, play music, and show them a picture.

Blank stares.

“He’s the king!”  I say, “El Rey de musica!”

Blank stares.

Needless to say, I quickly found a way to play a game while listening to music.  We put Elvis on, danced around, and stopped when the music stopped.  We listened to countless classic songs, and when I stopped the music, they had to freeze.  Needless to say, this was a huge hit.  I thought it was great too, because they had to really listen AND control their bodies.   Plus, I got to listen to Elvis and dance around my classroom.  Who doesn’t have fun doing that?

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  1. That made me laugh! you come up with the greatest lessons!
    Hey is this an English-language school (as I thought all American Internationals were…)? So theoretically you shouldn’t have to speak to them in Spanish? I’ve been wondering about that!

    • The school just became an International Baccalaureate school–and is called the American School because they teach half a day in English. The thing is, a lot of times American and International schools are set up around embassies and such. This is just a school in the capital that anyone can apply (and pay) to attend. Soooo, it is really more like Fort Hunt. I have two classes, and half of their day is in Spanish–half in English. The upper grade students speak a LOT more English. My kids…not so much. I have learned to speak. really. slowly. (That is how I understand people in Spanish too…)

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