One Week Down!


Today marks my one week in Chiapas! It’s hard to believe really–as it seems like it’s been a lifetime! Let me explain how my day night began:

Sometime around 1:00 A.M. I was awakened by strange noises outside. Keep in mind, it is ONE O’CLOCK. I lay in bed listening to crickets, trucks driving by, someone playing the saxophone, and a rooster. I swear I heard a rooster crowing. I don’t know that much about roosters (FYI: No chickens for me…), but I know I shouldn’t hear them in the middle of the night!! Maybe it is because the moon was fat in the sky–who knows!?

I was kept awake worrying about what I need to say to parents tomorrow. Oh, I received word that I am being introduced to the parents tomorrow as their child’s new teacher. I also am determined to start off correctly–letting them know my expectations and routines. I am currently at the school [not] working on my presentation to them…

Sometime this morning I hopped up and grabbed some oatmeal with banana, as well as Chiapas coffee with my boxed milk my roommate bought me. It’s okay–but it is a little sweet and tastes like it has a ton of calories (does that make sense?). Gaby, a girl from my meeting picked me up today, but next week I will begin taking the bus. It was great to see other parts of Chiapas, and it was really more of what I was expecting from Mexico. I hung out in a hammock in a little rooftop apartment (bedroom) chatting with the lady who has meeting. It went well, but that was mostly because she spoke very slowly for me–and was tolerant of my use of the dictionary.


In our meeting, we had the most adorable children. I took pictures and videos of them: Gabriel is the oldest boy, Isaac, the younger boy, is my favorite. He’s totally rotten and has this amazing smile.  (Click on that to see a video of the kids today).

20120108-171715.jpg Alela (I don’t know if that is spelled correctly) is the new big sister to Mateo. It was a sweet meeting, and I even understood a word here and there. Doris, a sister worker from Ireland, translated my testimony for everyone, but only after she told me I am on my own next week. (EEK!)

On the way to school, we past this plantain tree. Check it out!


I guess I am just wondering what it will be like if I really make it six months… One week is great. It’s a start, right?

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  1. Ooooh, I’m so happy you made it to meeting! I’ve been wondering all day how it went for you. The kiddos are adorable. You can practice your testimony for next week with Esther maybe? I remember when she first started speaking in English…it was so simple yet so sweet. I always knew she had “labored” a lot to be ready to speak in English and the same will be true for you. Love you girl!

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