No doubt that my mamaw would say this is good for me. No doubt my mama would say the same; however, when I come back to the States in July, someone better treat me to a mani-pedi ASAP.

Thank goodness the soap package has directions on it, because I really didn’t know where to start. You see, when one has to hand-wash their clothing it gives a new appreciation for modern conveniences such as a washing machine. I always took pride in being fastidious about my laundry. I started doing my own pretty young–say ten years old. I love folding it right when it comes out of the dryer, making each item the same size with neat, straight corners and creases.

Now as I scrub my clothes down the built in washboard, I’m determined to not let something like hand-washing clothes get the best of me. So, I might smell a bit for six months? That’s okay! And every once in a while, I can take my clothes to the real Lavanderia. Then they will really get clean.


I’m also reminded of Vincent asking last summer about the washboard Mama and Daddy have hanging with the antiques in the kitchen. With the curiosity of a child, he said, “Hey! What’s that instrument?!” I thought it was kind of neat at the time–that he could recognize something that could make music (as I believe music is inside of us naturally just waiting to come out–that’s why I think it pleased the Lord when David made joyful noise to him). So then my thoughts went to Johnny Cash, and “get a rhythm when you get the blues!” I’m finding my rhythm in every possible way–It makes a chore like washing hand-washing clothes a more pleasant experience.

I also have a hot water heater (boiler) that I have to turn on to get a hot lukewarm shower. Apparently I must have done something, because I can’t seem to light a flame now. The pilot is on, but it won’t fire up. I’m trying to translate the Spanish on the side of the boiler. I think it says something about being automatic… here’s to hoping I have eyebrows (and fingernails) in six months!

My Spanish lesson for the day:

Lavar- to wash
Lavandera- washwoman
Lavandería- laundry

One response

  1. If anyone can solved the hot water heater issue you can! You are a master problem solver! At least the weather is warm so a lukewarm shower won’t be so bad.

    The hand wash thing would get to me though. Handwashing clothes in Italy for a couple of weeks was long enough. I didn’t seem to rinse enough of the soap out!!!
    Hugs to you girl friend.

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