Whew! Back to School!


. Apparently, this kid has a pet beaver. Love it!

It was my first day at work today. I am currently listening to the dogs howl outside. I don’t know what is going on, but I feel like giving a howl too! You know, something to let people know how I am feeling! Maybe that is because I wake up so many times through the night and stare at the moon…

This is the view from my classroom window:


I am so tired. Today they talked about making a “fruit salad” (stupid keyboard is so different from what I am used to!) tomorrow. Everyone is supposed to bring a different kind of fruit. Well, luckily fruit is super cheap. I think the idea is that we are all different but together we are something wonderful. I listen in awe as the spanish flies around the room, and in relief when someone translates. I have quite a few people to practice on here, and I am telling them, “Necesito practicar mucho.” I need to practice a lot! They all smile and stick with me as word-by-word I slowly get my ideas out.

I love the walk to work. I walk down the main boulevard, and turn left into the drive which leads me to school. They are currently paving (putting concrete) down, so the road will soon be much nicer for my shoes. I think tomorrow I might wear my tennis shoes, and carry my cute black flats. I don’t know how long the walk is. I might try to talk Mama into sending me her pedometer to measure. The walk back to my house is uphill some. It really isn’t too bad, and part of my promise to myself is that I won’t cheat by going the easy way. I also am determined to walk the staircases that go up and over the road instead of pulling a Route-One-Alexandria-Run-Across (that drives me crazy!). I figure this is just what my diet needed!

I suppose it’s time to face the musica in my classroom. It’s very clean now, as the dust that covered EVERYTHING was cleaned off today. I know I will just end up staring at everything (as I always do when it is time to set things up), but at least I don’t have boxes upon boxes of supplies to sort!

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