Solo Cup


You may think that my title is referring to the red cups that some country music star sings about. Not true. Solo is Spanish for alone or lonely. Today I bought one lonely coffee cup. I figure
1) I don’t have roommates.
2) I don’t have visitors.
3) It suited my mood.

The other day my friend Lynn said that she cried on the second day she was in Costa Rica. It finally hit her the second day. Last night I was feeling a bit like Fievel (from An American Tale) as I looked at the stars from my bed. The sky was bright, and the strange sounds of this new place seemed to get to me. “Somewhere out there…someone’s thinking of me, and missing me tonight.”

Don’t get me wrong–I’m still super excited to be here. I’m just really looking forward to school starting, meeting this weekend, and roommates (or chickens…which ever come first). I’m going to check tomorrow to see if I can get some chickens. I’ve been wanting do have some hens for eggs for a while–and I think my back yard is perfect for them to root around in. Plus, if I don’t grow attached to them, I can eat them.

I wanted to show you the walkway on the side of the house leading to the back yard. It’s where I will wash my clothes (by hand, believe it or not…) The neighbors have these beautiful flowers that come over the wall to give us a little beauty on our side.


Oh! And this I took today on my walk back from the Bodega. This might be one of my favorite things about Mexico. Boring houses don’t belong here!


P.S. Someone better email me. I paid $10 pesos to ride the bus to McDonalds to get online, and $16 pesos to get a drink so they wouldn’t run me out like they do the poor kids who come to play or peddle their wares… Hopefully I can figure out how to get online at school tomorrow so I won’t have to ride the conejo (city bus) just to get online.

Oh, and someone give me a pat on the back, because I am starting to understand more!! I actually knew what I was agreeing to when I nodded my head at the McDonald’s boy!!

7 responses

  1. We are enjoying reading about your adventures and love the pictures. I am sure you will have your moments of loneliness but we admire your ability to just hop up and move to another country. You will be great with your class. Best of luck….keep writing and riding the bus to McD’s so we can keep in touch. We love you! The Sealy Family

  2. Things are definitely a “Culture Shock”, but you will adapt quickly and successfully help many through your heartfelt efforts. Many would not have the courage to tackle what you have set as your goal, so keep it up, we are all behind your move to help educate others, not only through your curriculum, but also your positive christian attitude!

  3. I’m with Michael here….you’re brave and courageous to be doing what you’re doing. I know it will get easier as you settle in! Love you.

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