Mi Casa Es Su Casa


I have an apartment! It’s rather large–with three spacious bedrooms and a late living area. I will be getting a couple roommates, so naturally, I chose the best room. Actually, to be honest, it was hard to pick a room! I ended up going with a room with access to the back “yard.”


I was pretty excited to find quite a few basil plants–and I am hoping to attempt pesto at some point. A sweet school employee showed me around today, and she thinks someone might help me get a little garden started. I am super excited about that–and I am hopeful that some tomatoes and other good yummies will soon be found here!


The school is amazing. We are on the outskirts of town, in an area that is more what I expected. The side streets are more like small alleyways with room for one car to pass at a time. The government is paving, which means that in fact they aren’t paving… The government school was a bit heartbreaking. There’s rusty broken playground equipment, and classrooms that are open and small. More on this at another time.
Mi escuela:


Back to my school: it’s in a fenced in area ferociously protected by three adorable dogs. The guard affectionately referred to one as gordo (fatso). The buildings house five hundred students from daycare (age 1-4) through high school. The middle area is like a courtyard with the cafe, library cabin, and outdoor stage off to the sides.

The view from my classroom on the second floor is beautiful!


My room isn’t large–an currently is covered with a thin sheet of dust over everything. There are windows along the side that open to allow a breeze to pass through. I am looking forward to getting in there and getting started! I hear my kids are pretty “bad.” They scared the last teacher off (kidding), and seem to have earned themselves quite a reputation (not kidding!). They sound like just my cup of tea! I can’t wait to see how much they know and understand. I guess it will be the perfect opportunity to practice my Responsive Classroom, seeing as how I will be talking very little and modeling a lot!


School begins for me on Thursday–which means I have tomorrow to get my things in order here at the house. I want to wait to grocery shop later–because there is a little fruit stand that is currently closed, but very close to my school. Today I walked to the closest market for some things–the Bodega is like a downsized Walmart. Fruit is super cheap–so I’m super happy!


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  1. Oh how exciting! Jania…… you are going to enjoy turning all that energy around to learning. Can’t wait to hear more about your students. Enjoy

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