A Prayer Like Any Other

A Prayer Like Any Other by Kevin Welch

It’s way past midnight, everyone asleep
Outside the window it’s quiet on the street
My bags are packed, my guitar too
Taxi’s coming, nothin’ I can do
Oh Lord, keep your eye on my friends
I’d just feel better knowing you’re watching them
I’ve got to roll, take a little spin
While I’m gone, keep your eye on my friends

Gotta get home the only way I know
The long old road, steady and slow
One of these days I’ll come back
If the creek don’t rise and stuff like that
Oh Lord, keep your eye on this place
Keep it warm, keep it safe
You know I depend on your saving grace
While I’m gone keep your eye on this place

This is just a prayer like any other
Nothing more, nothing less
A prayer like any other
One more time could you just say yes

Oh Lord, keep your eye on me
You know how foolish and reckless I can be
Light my way up, so I can see
Oh Lord, keep your eye on me
Oh Lord, keep your eye on my friends
Oh Lord, keep your eye on this place

I love that song. It really says it all, huh? When I left Virginia and my sweet friends and family a couple months ago, I must have listened to it fifty times on the drive home.

You know, Mama and I were talking the other day–about stress (the number one killer). When I was in Virginia last year, my body was wrecked from the lifestyle I was living. I was in the doctor’s office every month with one thing or another. I wouldn’t have lasted one more day in that situation, and I know that God has led me away. There are a lot of things that I tend to regret (or second guess), but I realize more than ever my place isn’t there for now. (Although it sometimes it hurts to admit that, and I sure do hope he leads me back…)

What I realized after praying the other night, is that one reason my stress is gone is because I unload more often. Spiritual growth does wonders for a heavy heart. Mama says God loves a crybaby.

As I think of leaving my family, my friends, and my home(s) behind, I try to leave my worries with him. L.W. told me at Knoxville, “I don’t worry. I pray for people. And I love people. But I don’t worry about them after I pray.” I made it a goal then. And so here I am: I’ve got a list a mile long of the people that I keep in my mind all day. I will miss them all, but I won’t worry. I know God has his eye on them.

The other thing I’ve realized is that I am excited and nervous right now, but I am not scared. I’m not naive (well, maybe a little). I know that dangers lurk around many corners, but I do believe that God has opened this experience up for me. I think again of my Helen Keller (love her) quote about closed and open doors and windows. It’s been the prayer of my heart for many weeks that God would really make it clear to me. It was hard to pray for his will when I had that interview in NOVA. And now, I am so happy that didn’t work out.

I am ready. My bags are mostly packed. Ooh! Just remembered I need that passport (finally!) I am heading to bed with big plans and great expectations–but mostly with gratitude and thankfulness. I pretty sure God loves that too.

4 responses

  1. Jania,
    You are launching on a new and wonderful journey. I look forward to hearing about all your new adventures. Love and hugs. Marlene

    • ahh! Marlene, I’ve thought so much about you this week. You called this an adventure all along. I grateful for your sound advice and warm friendship! Glad one of us was seeing clearly all along…
      Much love to you!

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