Vive Mexico!

I scanned this silly fortune into the computer a week ago. I thought it was quite funny–I mean, really?

Well, it’s for real happening! I got a job teaching second grade Language Arts in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas… Mexico! I’ll be working at The American School Foundation of Chiapas. (For those of you who dont understand that website and have a Facebook account–the school has an organization page.) I seriously can’t believe this is happening so fast. I emailed them info on Friday, Dec. 23. I applied Dec. 24th. I interviewed yesterday, December 26th. Today I was offered a job, and I fly out December 31st! Whew!

To make matters more crazy exciting, I get a new place to live on the 1st, and begin my first day of work on January 3rd with 50 kids who won’t understand much of what I have to say… Am I nutso?

I’ve emailed the workers, and I know that there is a meeting the next town over. It’s a family affair, but Mama was happy when she found out they are all doctors and nurses. (Me too with my track record…) The sister workers will be there my first weekend I have meeting. I’ve been reading my bilingual bible in preparation (but I can’t wait until I really understand the left column.)

Adventure awaits! I am looking forward to Mayan ruins, amazing spring break in Central America, tropical rain-forests, parrots and other exotic animals, fresh coffee (Did I mention they are the coffee kings of the world?), Mexican beaches, live volcanoes, and more! Hopefully that “more” includes better understanding and speaking of the Spanish language on my part…

Is this really happening?

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  1. Pienso que es un posibilidad te visitar en la primavera! Tengo que aprender un poco mas espanol y yo estaba pensando que una semana de inmersion en algun lugar con solamente hispanohablantes me ayudaria mucho. Creo que marzo o abril va a ser bueno. Nos vemos! Te amo! Ten cuidado!

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